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We are dedicated to raising healthy and beautiful Standard Poodles that excel in conformation, performance and as family companions. One breeding in a couple years. In-home, family raised. We are very adamant about correct socialization of our puppies. They are exposed to all kinds of interesting things from the time they are toddling. The puppies are sold after 8 weeks old, well trained and ready to adapt your personal lifestyle without complications. Grooming, training and show handling services can be offered.

Hi Oksana,

I waited for years to get a Standard Poodle and when I was finally ready, I wanted to make sure I got him from a reputable breeder. I did my research and found Oksana had pups to sell so I got my "Buddy" from her. His full name is "Rock'NRolla Buddy Holly" and little did I know at the time how much I could love a dog. He came to me around 9 weeks old, almost completely house trained, having just two accidents in the house ever! He followed me everywhere and we immediately bonded. He is so smart and beautiful and I know that comes from good breeding, but beyond that, he is the most well behaved and social dog I have ever known. We have gone to show together as well as obedience classes and Buddy has always done exactly what is asked of him. This kind of behavior and socialization comes from the time and commitment Oksana puts into all her litters. She truly loves her dogs and it shows when you bring them into your family that they have started out in a loving family and not just a kennel. Even to this day it is clear by the way Buddy reacts to Oksana that he considers her his first mother. If you are looking for a Standard Poodle you should not look any further than Oksana and Rock'NRolla Kennel.

With Love,
Lois Philipp and Buddy

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